Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Christmas in July

My friend Jenny who blogs at The Chronicles of We is trying her hardest to get me to blog more and to connect with other bloggers. I've been fighting her pretty hard and telling her that I cannot do anything else until my darn dissertation is done and I am FINALLY done with school. Well she is starting to win as I've been doing more and more blogging and connecting more and more with her blogging friends.

I decided to participate in a blogging event sponsored by Jenny and another one of her blogging friends which was called Christmas in July. Basically you sign up and then you get paired up with another blogger from somewhere across the country. You share information with each other about your lives and families and then you send a gift which they open, just like Christmas (in July)! The bonus was you get paired with two bloggers. One blogger you buy for and one blogger buys for you.

I was lucky enough to be paired with two awesome working moms. Chrissy from Simple Joys was the recipient of our gift and Emma from Harper and Will sent us an awesome present. Maddy thought this was a pretty great activity, even if she didn't completely understand why random people were sending her gifts all the way from Virginia. Thanks so much Emma, Harper and Will!

Emma, Harper and Will got sent some awesome presents which Maddy had a blast unwrapping!

She got bubbles, a water/art activity and some outdoor/beach toys. She couldn't figure out which thing she was the most excited about and looking back, opening these gifts right before bed was a bad idea because she had to try them all out and then was wired when the bedtime routine began.

After all the opening (thanks for the special Mom gifts too) Maddy and I celebrated by throwing all the tissue paper confetti into the air. It was pretty fun overall!


  1. hahaha! Yeah mom, right before bedtime? I'm surprised you could get her there! love that you tossed the confetti around though. Funny that she was like this is odd that strangers are sending me things! Another of the older boys in the exchange seemed to have similar feelings. Kids. Glad you joined in!

  2. What a fun box!! Kids love beach toys whether they are near a beach or not! We are 4 hours from any beach in Texas and Mason always wants beach toys! They're great for sandboxes too!

  3. What a great package! That amazes me that Maddy was even phased by where it came from. Callie just wanted to open it up and play haha! Silly mom before bedtime but way to go on making a mess! Thanks for joining us and having some fun blogging (and I haven't been twisting your arm that hard but glad you joined us!!)