Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Days #351-364

What would be the end of the year, without getting super behind on the blog. The majority of you who follow this blog know why we got so behind (hint hint, brain surgery) but if I have any secret followers out there, this photo montage should help you get caught up with our past two weeks and give you all the insight into the craziness that ensued on/around/near Christmas.

Day #351
 Nothing crazy has happened yet, so we have plenty of time for snuggles on the couch in our sleeping bag :)

Day #352
 SNOW DAY! We woke up to an inch or so of snow. I stayed home so Maddy stayed home for a little while with me until the roads were more clear. We played in the snow and even ate a little!

Day #353
 We woke up in the middle of the night on December 20 to find out that Grammie Merlene's recent headaches had been identified to be a brain tumor. She was being taken to the neurological ICU at a hospital in Seattle and would need surgery soon to remove the mass. We all spent a few days at the hospital (even Maddy!) and visited with her while they developed a plan to remove the tumor and deal with any possible ailments once it came out. The family was extremely upset/stressed/etc. and couldn't believe that someone with such impeccable health would be facing such a terrible prognosis. We cried, we prayed, and we hugged. 

Day #354
 Grammie Merlene had brain surgery on December 23 and much to our surprise (and her doctor's), when they got into her brain, they did not find a tumor, they found an abscess. She had an infection! She didn't have cancer, she doesn't need chemo, they didn't have to shave her head or put a fist size hole in her skull. She's on really heavy antibiotics for 6-8 weeks but is going to be alright! Yay, what a huge relief. We were all ecstatic and extremely grateful. 

Day #355
After a miracle in the hospital, Grammie Merlene insisted that Ted, Maddy and I get in the car and get to Oregon to celebrate Christmas. We were a little hesitant to leave her, but she was pretty persuasive. We packed all of our stuff in about an hour and jumped in the car on Christmas Eve. It was a speedy trip and we got to Grammie Kim and Bumpa Larry's about 10pm. 

Day #356
 Merry Christmas!

Day #357
 Playing on the 4-wheeler at Uncle Dan's house! Bailey had fun too!

Day #358
 So many stickers on Grammie Kim.

Day #359
We went to visit Bumpa Larry's work and got to see crab, sea creatures and even the skeleton of a whale. Maddy had so much fun climbing around.

 Day #360
Bumpa Larry and Grammie Kim are building a new house. We went to check it out with Hayden and Paisley. The two older kids had a blast running around and getting super muddy. The house is coming along and should be done in about a year. Yay, can't wait!

Day #361 
We went to Shore Acres to check-out the Christmas lights with all the Drapers and Great Grammie. We had fun and Great Grammie did great with all of the walking. So proud of her!

 Day #362
One of the reasons that I really wanted to make it to Oregon for Christmas was because Great Grammie was going to be there. She had spent about a month in a rehab facility getting her strength up after being sick and was doing so much better. We were so glad to get to spend a few days with her. Maddy and Great Grammie snuggles before we left!

 Day #363
We got back to Tacoma just in time to celebrate a belated Christmas with Grammie Merlene (who got out of the hospital after a week) and Papa Rick. We opened presents, visited, and had a nice dinner. It was so nice to see them and just be together at home. Also, it's so great to see Grammie Merlene doing so well and feeling so much better. What a blessing!

Day #364
Mmmmm bagels and cream cheese!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day #350

We turned Maddy's carseat forward facing yesterday and so far it's a big success. It's much easier to get her into the car and see her when you're moving. The only "problem" is she can see where you're going now and yesterday shouted "turn mommy!" Now we have a backseat driver, great!

Day #349

Maddy got a toy train set for her birthday and she's been really into it lately. We'll be getting her some new trains to add to it for Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Days #346-348

Here's some fun we've been having lately! Things have been pretty busy lately with work and tons of dinners, activities, and events. We're looking forward to a week off for Christmas in Oregon!

Ted got Maddy up from her nap and she insisted on dressing herself. I heard him say, Mom is going to say that doesn't match. She was insistent so I shouted upstairs to let her wear whatever she wanted. Then when she got downstairs I was like, whoa! Crazy outfit kid!

We had friends over tonight who brought some awesome desserts. This included a cupcake with red frosting which ended up everywhere (including on her forehead)! She had a blast though!

Maddy watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse occasionally and loves the song at the end called the Hot Dog Dance. She convinced Ted to dance with her tonight!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day #345

Maddy decided that Papa needed some pizza from her play pizza toy and they had quite fun with him putting in his order (mushrooms and pepperoni) and her running to grab more and more pizza. She thought it was pretty funny when he would pretend to eat it. 

Day #344

We went to dinner at Grandma and Papa's house this weekend. Maddy scarfed down 3 bowls of butternut squash soup and then ate ribs! She chowed down on the bone for quite a while, getting all the meat off. She was pretty proud of herself. Yay for our good eater!

Day #343

Maddy slept through much of the Seahawks game last weekend but woke up just in time for the last quarter. We snuggled on the couch while she woke up, cheering on our team! Go Seahawks!

Days #340-342

Here's a catch up from the weekend. We had quite a bit of downtime which was nice.

Maddy watching videos on her iPhone with her headphones.

Out to dinner. Mmm minestrone soup and garlic bread!

Ted took Maddy to the Children's Museum in the morning to blow off some energy. They built this contraption and the she climbed all over it!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day #339

I've been getting pretty bad headaches almost every day at work for the past month so I decided to make an eye appointment to see if that was the problem. The doctor said things looked pretty good but that I have astigmatism and that glasses will probably help when I'm working on the computer and also when I drive at night. So....I'm getting glasses! I tried on quite a few frames and finally settles on blue ones that are really fun. I should have them in about 2 weeks but in the meantime here's a preview!

Day #338

Here are photos of us decorating our tree. This is Maddy's 3rd Christmas but definitely the first one that she's really understood. She had so much fun decorating and she's already been really into the advent calendar we have and likes to move the days. We've told her that Santa will put presents in her stocking so she wants to look inside everyday to see if there's any presents. 

Day #337

Monday night the Seahawks played in Monday Night Football and they were AMAZING! Maddy got all decked out in the football and Christmas spirit!

Day #336

On Sunday we went and got our Christmas tree. Due to a very very busy few days and also a rain storm, we opted for a Christmas tree lot near our home instead of going to a u-cut place as we had planned originally. We still had a blast and it was nice and easy. Here are some shots of our adventure!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Days #331-#335

Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving filled with family dinners and grandparents, tasty food, fun traditions and much more! Here's a recap!

Grandma Kim and Maddy put on their aprons to cook dinner!

Maddy and Grandma Kim do airplane!

Great Grandma makes her famous apple pie! I even video recorded the "lesson" so I could try to make pie myself.

Black Friday shopping!!!

Snuggling with Nana on Thanksgiving!