Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day #173

We've been looking for a while for an outdoor toy that doesn't take up too much room that Maddy will use. We settled on a sand/water table and found one with an umbrella to create a little shade in the middle of the day. It's almost 80 degrees today in Tacoma so instead of doing sand and water, we started with all water to beat the heat. Maddy had a blast and the table was perfect, great purchase!

Day # 172

Ted and I went to Maddy's babysitter's wedding tonight. Maddy stayed with Grandma Merlene for the night. Everyone had a great time!

Day #171

Today was a big day for Maddy. Even though she has been sitting on the potty for months now and seems very very interested in potty training, she still hadn't actually gone potty in the potty. Today was the day! When Ted picked Maddy up at daycare today, they told him that Maddy had peed in the potty. Very exciting! We tried again at home that night with no luck but we'll keep working on it. Here's a photo recap :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day #170

Maddy really likes using stickers (really really likes them). It is an immediate distraction and a great tool while traveling. She has discovered they are fun to stick to yourself and often puts them on her nose (or on my nose in this case). 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day #169

Last night Ted and I tried something new which was to have an in-home date after Maddy went to bed. I made us some tasty food (caprese salad, calzones and creme brulee) and we had some wine and just talked and spent time together without our phones or the TV or other distractions (ok, that's kind of a lie cause in the middle of dinner when we thought Maddy was asleep we heard screaming and raced upstairs to find her saying "oh no" and when we turned on the light we noticed she had taken her pajama pants AND her diaper off and had peed in her crib, that was definitely a distraction). But other than that, we had a nice time and it was a good start to a tradition. We hope to do it every Monday for the next few weeks. 

Day #168

Even though when I picked Maddy up she seemed to be in a good mood, something quickly changed (and I mean quickly). I'm not sure if she was over tired from our late family dinner the night before, if teething was bothering her, or if the terrible 2s are early here but OH MY GOODNESS she was a disaster. Partly she got mad every time I tried to do something "for her" which resulted in her freaking out and shouting, "myself" (as in, I don't need your help Mom, I'm a big kid and I can totally do it MYSELF). And then she was so indecisive about everything that no matter what toy or food you gave her, it resulted in a lot of no's and crying. I decided to make the most of it and sit on the floor with her and then take a photo :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day #167

Today is Father's Day and we sure had a great time celebrating Ted (as well as talking on the phone to Bumpa Draper and having dinner with Papa Davis). Maddy and I bought Ted a new watch for a present and made him an awesome breakfast (goat cheese, asparagus and ham strata). We hung out at home most of the day, just spending time together and then ending the day by going to dinner with the Davis'. We had the most amazing paella which Maddy loved!

Maddy likes to give kisses now and dragging out the smooch part before she plants one on you. Here's her and Ted doing some big kisses!

Day #166

We made a breakfast casserole to celebrate Father's Day tomorrow (at Ted's request) that has goat cheese in it. Maddy insisted on having some and I wasn't sure she would like it (ok who am I kidding, this is the kid who eats brie cheese like it's her job, she was gonna love it). So I gave her some and while the initial tang caught her off guard, she quickly rallied and ate a ton. Yay for goat cheese!

Day #165

Maddy's daycare class made presents for Father's Day. They were painted rocks that said Dad You Rock! They were pretty cute and she was very proud of it. Ted loved it and vowed to take it to his office. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Day #164

Maddy loves water and the bath tub is a good substitute for pools on a daily basis. Tonight she accidentally pulled the shower lever while the tub was filling which showered her in water (and a little on the floor). She thought it was hilarious and kept saying, more more more. Ted did it a few more times and she ended up soaked but really happy :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day #163

While I cleaned up from dinner tonight, Maddy and Ted built with her blocks. They ended up making a little vehicle which she pushed all over the house for quite a while. Yay for fun/easy Wednesday nights!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day #162

Maddy does art projects pretty regularly at daycare. In the beginning we brought them home, showed them off, and were so excited. Now they've gotten to be so frequent that honestly we forget to grab them out of her folder at daycare most of the time. Today I saved the overflowing folder and brought home five pieces of art, including one with dried pasta (what toddler art would be complete without dried pasta). We did a little art show today to show them off (too bad I could barely get Maddy to look up at the camera because she was so into pulling the pasta OFF of the art, geez). 

Day #161

Great Grandma Pat went with us to Oregon but stayed for an extra week to visit with the Drapers and hang out with Hayden when Grandma babysits. Maddy had a lot of fun with her. We're excited to see her again at the end of this month when we go camping and she rides down with us. 

Day #160

While we were in Oregon we got to go up to Grandpa and Grandma's property in Riverton, OR to see the area where they will build their house (starting this summer! so exciting!). Aunt Linda, Grandpa, Maddy and I went. The weather was beautiful and the views were amazing. Maddy had fun running around and sitting on Grandpa's tractor (we'll have to ride it next time). 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day #159

We celebrated Hayden's 2nd birthday on Saturday and it was a GREAT party. Tons of kids, amazing weather, great food, and lots of fun. Dan and Nicole rented a bouncy house which the kids loved. Also, due to the warm weather, they got out a wading pool and a sprinkler which they also loved. Here are a bunch of photos of the big day!

Day #158

Friday, June 7 was Hayden's 2nd birthday. We went down to Coos Bay with Aunt Linda and Great Grandma Pat to spend the weekend with the family celebrating Hayden's big day. Friday night we went out to Chinese food to celebrate. We all had a great time and the whole restaurant sang Hayden Happy Birthday (including lots of clapping which he LOVED). Maddy especially liked the food, especially the Egg Flower Soup!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day #157

The weather in the NW is amazing right now and we are soaking up so much wonderful sun. I had the pleasure of walking across campus this morning to meet with a faculty member and got to walk across the center of campus which is well known for amazing buildings and amazing views. There's something to be said to be at a old campus with a lot of history. This photo is from "red square" which is a big brick open space surrounding by the library and other academic buildings. Students hang out here all the time (rain or shine) but congregate the most on nice days. There is a fountain at the bottom of the square that isn't always turned on, but was today. And lastly in the distance you can see Mt. Rainier. I'm so grateful to work at such an amazing place with such amazing views. Here's what I see, enjoy!

Day #156

Maddy was just looking especially fun and cute in this outfit. Her hair hadn't been done yet but the messy look works on her :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day #155

Maddy and Ted had equally crummy days today. Ted had a break-in at his NAPA store and Maddy is cutting both of her bottom 2 year molars. Needless to say they needed a little cheering up and comfort. So after bath Ted made a martini and Maddy had some milk and he taught her to "cheers" but tapping her cup against his glass and then taking a drink. She thought it was pretty fun. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day #154

We washed Maddy's carseat (and rescued a lot of cheerios and goldfish). After it dried and we put it back together Maddy used it like a recliner in the living room for the afternoon while watching TV and hanging out.  Looks pretty comfy to me!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Day #153

Ted and I played cribbage after Maddy went to bed but didn't pick up the cards afterwards. In the morning Maddy saw them and wanted to play. She had a blast sorting them, putting them in and out of the box and generally throwing them everywhere. Cheap toys are great!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day #152

We went to the Children's Museum in Tacoma this morning. They redid it last year and we'd heard really good things and figured Maddy was probably old enough now. We got an annual membership so we can go back again and again. Maddy had a blast! They had a bunch of different play areas including a climbing area with a slide, a water area with running water and so many rubber ducks, and a bunch of things to build and reconstruct. I can see the place growing with her as she was still afraid of some of the bigger things, so this will be a great investment. We had a great time too :)

Day #151

Tonight after work we decided to go on a picnic so we got fried chicken and some sides from the deli and went to a park we hadn't been to since Maddy was born. Boy were we surprised when we got there and noticed they had taken out a swimming pool and installed two play structures AND a very cool water area (fountains, etc.). Maddy had a blast and it was a big success overall. We'll have to go back soon!