Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day #90

Wow, 90 days already. I'm proud of us that we've stuck with the photo of the day. Here's a photo today after the Easter traditions. Yay for sunshine!

Easter 2013

Today is Easter and we had lots of fun traditions! Mom and her friend Kate went to church while Ted and Maddy made brunch. Then after brunch, Maddy got her Easter basket and then we hid eggs around the living room (Maddy loved this). Here are some fun photos!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Haircut / Day #89

I took Maddy to get her first haircut. It was a place just for kids. For the most part it was just a trim to even things up but the hair stylist showed us some cool tricks to help her ponytails stay in longer. She did really well and we got a lot of fun pictures. 

Day #88

We went to the gym tonight (we've been on a roll lately and it's been awesome). Maddy is now used to the gym daycare and doesn't cry when we leave her (which makes everyone feel better). Here we are on our way out!

Day #87

As I've said before, Maddy really enjoys doing anything we are doing. Today that included brushing her teeth in front of the mirror. She points to the mirror and says "Mad," it's pretty cute :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day #86

Maddy sure is a good eater, especially anything with pasta or cheese (she takes after her Dad on that one)!

Day #85

Maddy really enjoys helping out with "chores" around the house. This includes cleaning up, vacuuming, putting laundry in the washer/dryer, and emptying the dishwasher. She runs straight into the kitchen if she even suspects that the dishwasher door is open. You have to watch her or she'll climb up on the door to reach the things on the top shelf. Usually she's in charge of the utensil bin and that works pretty well. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day #84

Tonight was class night for Mom so Dad and Maddy hung out. Maddy has gotten really good at posing for the camera, so here's one from bath tonight!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day #83

This afternoon in order to let Ted nap (since he watched Maddy all morning so Mom could do homework), Mom, Bailey and Maddy went for a walk. We had a good time walking to a nearby park and the weather was decent which helped a lot.

Day #82

This morning Ted and Maddy went to run errands. This included stopping by Ted's office at NAPA to get a few things. Maddy had a great time hanging out in Ted's office, sitting at his computer and spinning in his chair.

Day #81

Since we blow on Maddy's belly a lot she now thinks it's really funny to blow on ours. I'm not sure the last time someone blew on your belly, but it tickles A LOT and is rather hilarious. Laughing when she does it, just keeps her going which is fun for the whole family. Here she is getting my belly!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day #80

Maddy was playing on her scooter tonight and all of a sudden pulled up on the handlebars to "pop-a-wheelie." Boy was she surprised when she fell off the back of it and landed on the floor. She just laid there stunned for a minute. Since I'm a good mom, I jumped right up to take a picture (ha, you thought I was going to say to console her right?) :)

Day #79

Maddy found this plastic cup we keep in the bathroom and insisted on drinking water out of it over and over and over. This resulted in soaked clothing but a really happy kid!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day #78

We came back to Washington today (and were greeted with rain and clouds, oh well). Ted had a work meeting tonight so Maddy and I hung out on our own. Maddy really wanted Bailey to come upstairs with us, so proceeded to shout for her over and over. She even managed to say Bailey (the whole name instead of just Bay which is what she usually calls her). It eventually worked!

Day #77

More pool fun in Arizona! Maddy could not wait to go swimming today even though overnight that water had cooled way way down. She made do by playing next to the pool and using her bucket until it warmed up in the afternoon. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day #76

Grandma bought Maddy a little wading pool to beat the heat in Arizona. She had a blast going in and out, splashing everyone, and playing with all her toys. It was a big hit!

Day #75

We took off on another plane today to visit Grandma and Grandpa Davis in Arizona. Maddy was very excited to be reunited with them because we haven't seen them since February. It's about 85 degrees and sunny and it's a great break from the NW. 

Day #74

We had a variety of Asian foods tonight for dinner. Starting with potstickers (see below) which Maddy loved. She demanded her own small dipping sauce bowl which she used like a pro. We eventually got sushi and while Maddy didn't eat that (who knows, she might have it we had tried), she did eat miso soup and edamame. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day #73

Maddy and Ted had fun hanging out tonight after bath and before bed. She likes jumping on the bed, on us, pretty much anywhere. 

Day #72

Maddy consistently has a blast in the bathtub (which means she takes 20-30 minute baths most nights). Also, she just learned to smile really big when you say "smile" and point a camera or phone at her. She also tends to stand/sit a little more still while smiling which makes pictures easier to take. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day #71

Today Ted and I decided to get back on track and headed to the gym. That meant Maddy played with her friends at the daycare in the YMCA. She was a little upset when we left her but when we came back, she was climbing up and sliding down the biggest toy in the whole place. She looked so tiny but had mastered it by the time we got there and was excited to have us watch her. She would barely let us take her home. Guess we're going to the gym more often :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Day #70

Those of you who know me, know that I really really really like matching and order and structure (duh). So that means that not only do my clothes always match but so do Maddy's. So it is quite obvious when she makes a big mess at daycare and comes home wearing a mismatched outfit because of this. Daycare takes care of a lot of kids, so even though all of the back-up outfits match as well, often times they will only change the piece of clothing that is wet/dirty/etc. So in today's case, they changed her shirt but left the original pants. Unfortunately the "new" outfit, DID NOT MATCH AT ALL. So what resulted is below, plaid and polka dots. It's a good picture at least :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day #69

We are caught up with the blog! For all of our adventures over the past week (which were posted earlier today), scroll down and probably go to another screen. 

We hung out at home today and didn't do too  much. Ted and Maddy played downstairs a lot and I did homework upstairs. Ted and Maddy made popcorn this afternoon which she LOVES!

Day #68

Day #68 was March 9 (almost caught up)!

We had a beautiful day in Tacoma with sun and 60s degrees! We took advantage of it by taking the whole family (Bailey included) to the park. Maddy had a blast, especially riding on these wooden Orca whales.

Day #67

Day #67 was March 8.

While I started my new job at UW Seattle on February 25, my unexpected trip to California meant that I missed A LOT of work right at the beginning. So, on Friday, March 8, what would have been my 10th day of work, was actually by 3rd. My coworkers adjusted the door decorations from my 1st day to welcome me BACK to my 3rd day. It was good to be back at work and in a routine. 

Day #66

Day #66 was March 7.

Maddy and I flew back to WA. The best part of the flight was that the woman in front of our seats had a travel container of BUBBLES! She blew them for at least 10 minutes for Maddy who squealed the whole time and love them. What a great distraction!

Day #65

Day #65 was March 6.

Today was Grandpa/Papa's funeral. Almost 200 people were in attendance which showed the amazing community member that he was. He obviously touched the lives of many. Grandma/Nana was so strong during the whole day and while we tried to be there for her, she was there for us! We had Hawaiian leis flown in for Grandma/Nana to wear, as well as for the funeral. They were beautiful!

Day #64

Day #64 was March 5.

The cousins were reunited and very happy to spend time together. We spent the afternoon as an entire family cleaning up Papa and Nana's yard. Those of you who know Papa know he has 2 green thumbs and an amazing yard/garden to prove it. Obviously his declining health has left a lot of yard work so the whole family pitched in and trimmed trees, cut grass, weeded, etc. The cousins loved moving fallen sticks to the debris pile. They ran all over the yard cleaning up and having a blast!

Day #63

Day #63 was March 4.

We had a follow-up doctor's appointment this morning to check the status of Maddy's ear infections (which she's had pretty much since December). The doctor checked her out and identified an infection in one ear. We had to do another dose of antibiotics (as an injection this time since we've run out of liquid meds). The good news is, she had a follow up a few days later and the ear infections are GONE (see, this is the benefit of waiting too long to write the blog). 

Day #62

Day #62 was March 3.

Ted and I decided that it would be best if I flew home and got Maddy. She was having a hard time with me being away (and let's be honest, I was missing her like crazy) and we knew that another 5 days would be too long. SO...I flew back to WA on Sunday and then Maddy and I flew back to CA on Monday. Here we are at the Tacoma Mall buying clothes for the funeral services. 

Day #61

Day #61 was March 2.

We spent the day together as a family. Hayden and I loved taking pictures and sending them to Maddy and Ted in exchange for pictures of them. Those cousins sure do love each other!

Day #60

Day #60 was March 1.

The whole family spent the morning at the nursing home with Papa. Natalie and Michael arrived around noon (boy was that stressful waiting for them to get there). With the whole family there, singing hawaiian music, Papa passed away in the early afternoon. It was SO sad to see him go but we know he's in a better place, with his memory and all his strength. This photo was taken at Julie and Ted's wedding back in 2010 and was used in his obituary. We miss you Grandpa/Papa!

Day #59

Day #59 was February 28. 

Dan, Nicole, Hayden and Grandpa Larry arrived from Oregon to be with the family. We all went to the nursing home to spend time with Great Grandpa (Papa). Papa was resting most of the time we were there but we all talked to him and kept him company. Hayden was a major joy for all of us during such a difficult time. During one visit, Hayden was being very loud and Papa wasn't responding much. During one loud outburst, Papa put his finger up to his lips and said, SHHHHH. It was very funny and reminded us that Grandpa was still with us.

Day #58

We got VERY behind on posting pictures due to Great Grandpa's health and being in California for an extended period of time. Even though we weren't posting pictures, we were still taking them. I'll post them all now with their appropriate day and a little background on each!

Day #58 was on February 27. Maddy and Ted were in Tacoma and I was in California. Ted sent me a pictures of Maddy having breakfast. The big accomplishment was he did her hair and it looked GREAT! He's getting to be an expert.