Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Children's Museum

Things have been pretty hectic around our house lately. We are in the process of putting our house on the market to sell (yay yay yay), work  has been busy, and we are gearing up for a work trip for Dad and then a work trip for Mom. Also, swimming lessons and gymnastics are starting back up this week. That being said, we're trying to find special time to hang out as a family and just enjoy each other. Last Friday Maddy's daycare was closed for staff training, so Ted and I each worked half a day to stay home with Maddy. During  my half of the day, Maddy and I went to the Children's Museum. We had a really great time. Ted's half was a little less fun and was filled with grocery shopping and naps. Here are some photos from our adventure at the Children's Museum.

On a side note, Maddy's desire for a brother or sister has faded. When I asked her the other day if she wanted a sibling, she said, NO, I'm keeping my crib. Even when I tried to talk about getting a big girl bed in a new house and decorating her new room, she was adamant that she was taking her crib with her. Apparently her crib will need to go to college with her :)


We went on our annual Draper trip to Sunriver, Oregon earlier this month to see Grammie Kim, Bumpa Larry, Uncle Dan, Aunt Coley and Maddy's cousins Hayden and Paisley. We had a great time over the extra long weekend. There was some snow in Sunriver so the kids got to play outside and make a couple of snow people. Of course they loved the hot tub too! Here are TONS of photos of our fun adventure in Oregon. Those kids sure are cute!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Minnie Mouse

Maddy has been pretty into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior lately. She asks to watch it constantly but we try to limit it to 1 or 2 episodes a day at the most. She got a small toy Minnie Mouse at the store a few weeks ago and begged to take it everywhere. The problem was that Minnie was only a couple of inches tall which meant she was VERY easy to lose. After a very close call in the grocery store, I decided that we needed a bigger Minnie if Maddy was going to want to take her places. I ordered a 17 inch Minnie Mouse on Amazon and boy was Maddy happy when she came. She sleeps with her, takes her in the car, drags her all over the house, etc. We don't let her take her to daycare but she does insist on Minnie driving in the car with her on the way there and even makes Ted promise to watch Minnie when he drops her off.

Funny Things Maddy Says - Minnie Edition

Maddy tries to stall at bedtime most nights, which means she asks for water, asks to be covered up, asks to sing songs, and read more stories. Basically anything to help keep her awake and interacting with us. The other night I put vaseline on her face because she's had dry skin and then she went to bed. About 10 minutes later she was fake crying and shouting for us. When I went in there she said "my need more vaseline, Minnie stole it" and pointed to her face. I couldn't help but laugh, as if her stuffed Minnie actually swiped the vaseline off of Maddy's face. Nice try kid!


We got some snow this weekend in Tacoma. What was supposed to be about an inch turned into four inches. We were able to get out in the snow on Sunday and play and play and play. Maddy had a blast (as did Bailey) and especially loved making a snow man. We're going to Oregon this week to meet up with our Draper family and her cousins, and this was great practice for the snow we are going to see. Her new snowsuit (which was a close-out bargain from Lands End) fits great and kept her super warm.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Funny Things Maddy Says

We have the ultimate "Funny Things Maddy Says" this week. In her class at daycare there are a lot of her classmates who have gotten or will be getting baby brothers and sisters. So the kids see the pregnant moms and the tiny babies and of course think, I want one of those! Maddy has made comments lately but last night was the "best" one yet.

On the way home from daycare in the car:
Maddy: "Mommy, give me a baby sister!"
Me: "Hmmm, maybe next year we'll think about that."
Maddy: "Or maybe tomorrow!"

A few hours later:
Maddy: "My want a baby brother!"
Me: "If you get a baby brother, he will sleep in your crib and he will sit in your stroller."
Maddy: "No, it's my crib and my stroller!" (she's almost crying at this point at the thought of someone else using her things)
Me: "Maybe we're not ready for a baby yet."
Maddy: "No baby brother please!"

Grammie & Bumpa

Grammie Kim and Bumpa Larry came to visit this past weekend. They went to the boatshow a few days in Seattle, we watched the Superbowl together, and there was lots of playing and hanging out. It was a very nice visit overall. Here are some photos of our fun!

Top left - Bumpa and Maddy putting together her train set. They made the coolest track and Maddy was super into putting it together which was fun.

Top right - Grammie giving Maddy a bath. There was lots of splashing!

Bottom left - Maddy and Suzie snuggling on the stairs and maybe giving secret kisses!

Bottom middle - Grammie went with us to gymnastics class and had a great time helping Maddy with her balancing.

Bottom right - Grammie helped put Maddy to bed and they read stories and snuggled under Aunt Natalie's quilt.