Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Monday, June 16, 2014

Catching up!

Yes I know it's been almost 4 weeks since I posted on here. Yes I know that is a really long time. Yes I know that last year I posted nearly everyday. Life is really hard sometimes and the last thing you want to do is post pictures and write about how hard life is. Selling a house is hard. Writing a dissertation is hard. Raising an independent little person is hard. Commuting 2 hours a day, to work 40 hours a week is hard. Blogging is actually pretty easy and you can guarantee I'd almost always rather be doing this rather than laundry, cleaning or meal prep. But really though, sorry about my lapse in blogging. I miss sharing what's going on in our lives and I'm glad I'm back after my momentary hiatus.

So here's a recap of  the main highlights and a few photos to show that we have in fact been doing well! I went to San Diego with my best friend Kendra and the zoo rocked. Maddy took another session of gymnastics and swimming and loved them both. It was sunny A LOT and Maddy had her first slurpee. We went to a birthday party that was a whole building of bouncy houses. People looked at our house but no one bought it. Ted and I both have both each lost over 10lbs and are feeling a lot healthier.

Our greatest news since the last post is that Maddy is potty trained except for overnights (although wakes up half the time with a dry pull-up). Woo hoo, that's the greatest thing ever!

Thanks for sticking with us! I will try to be more diligent!


  1. Pain in the buns when life gets in the way of blogging, although with all on your plate i don't know how you found the time to post at all! wowzer. And, yay for slurpees and potty trained!

    Don’t forget to check out the Christmas in July matches today –

    1. Thanks Courtney! I'm excited for Christmas in July!

  2. Hi Julie! I got your name! What is your email address so I can contact you? Thanks!