Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summertime Sickness

We're going to play a little Jeopardy today on the blog (I give you the answer, you give me the Question)! The answer is, antibiotics! The question is, you guessed it, what do you need when everyone is sick?

Last weekend we discovered that Bailey, our golden retriever had an ear infection. Ted took her to the vet and we began giving her antibiotic ear drops. Then on Thursday afternoon Maddy started complaining about her ear hurting. We went through getting tubes in her ears about a year ago and we were worried that there might be an issue. Ted's Mom took Maddy to the doctor of Friday morning because neither Ted or I could get out of work easily and Grammie loves helping out. Maddy not only had an ear infection in her right ear, but the pressure from the infection had built up and ruptured her ear drum. Apparently that sounds way worse than it is. We ended up with two prescriptions for antibiotics for her, one oral medicine and one in ear drop form. 2 Davis members down, 2 to go! Sunday morning I woke up with a very very sore throat but no other symptoms. By 4pm I had a 102 degree fever and could barely move. After a very rough night, I went to the doctor this  morning to find out that I have strep throat and now have my very own antibiotics. Good grief! The good news is that everyone on antibiotics is already feeling much better, yay medicine!

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