Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Friday, May 16, 2014


I've been trying to do more than play on my phone during my commute to/from Seattle each work day. I decided that reading would probably be a good use of my time. I got some recommendations from my friend Jenn and friend Jenny (I promise I have other friends not named Jennifer). 

I started with The Fault In Our Stars. It's being made into a movie now and will be out soon. It was really good but pretty sad at times. Kids with cancer will do that to you. Good read, highly recommend it.

Then on to Moloka'i. My mom's family is from Hawaii so it seemed like a nice idea to learn more about the history of Hawaii. This book jumps right in and has moments that are heart wrenching. The story is beautiful though and you can't put it down.

Next up was Family Pictures. This book took me a while to get into. But then hooked me. A story about two women who have more in common than they know. Good ending, made it very worthwhile.

I just started Beautiful Ruins. I'll let you know how it plays out!

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