Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Monday, August 26, 2013

Days #230-238

August 19 through August 27

I did it again, I'm behind. Things are ridiculous around here! We had a really busy week last week with work and at home. I got the stomach flu and then we went camping. Here's a recap. I'm going to really really try to stay caught up. Sorry tp our faithful followers (Kim, Linda & Jenn)!

Maddy wanted to eat dinner in her diaper tonight. No shoes, no shirt, yes for service! 

Maddy likes having a snack after daycare and now is pretty into watching cartoons. She was pretty comfy tonight, chillin' on the bed :) 

Dan, Nicole and Hayden bought Maddy this ladybug chair for Christmas. She didn't really have the coordination for it and it always tipped over so we put it away. Luckily we got it back out and it's a big hit and much safer. 

We made corn chowder with fresh corn from Puyallup. Maddy really liked it but of course wanted to feed herself - "I do it!" - which created a big mess. Oh well!

Maddy got pretty dirty at camping which resulted in picnic table baths. Who wouldn't want to take a bath next to the campfire? 

There was a playground at the campground which Maddy really liked. She even tried the tire swing once the big kids took a break. 

 Coffee before breakfast with Daddy!

 Maddy is pretty excited these days to "HELP!" I decided tonight (since we were on our own because Ted was at his football draft party) to utilize her assistance as much as possible. Here she is making meatballs and tomato sauce, doing laundry, and folding laundry. Big helper!

Maddy and Mommy cuddling before bed. Big smiles!

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