Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Monday, April 29, 2013

Days # 114-119

So I got very behind with no really good reason. I was still taking photos, just not posting them. I'll blame it on Maddy's surgery but really she was better and at daycare the next day. I did have a really hectic week at work and then the weekend was busy and hectic with school, gym, housework and other errands. I am posting 6 days of pics all in one post but with their own picture and short description. I'm doing them backwards from newest to oldest so it keeps up with the flow of the rest of the blog.

Day #119
Ted, Maddy and I went to Target today to get a few odds and ends as well as some things for our upcoming Bahamas trip. We were taking our time which after a while annoyed Maddy. Ted ended up holding her while she "pushed" the cart which was quite fun. 

Day #118
Maddy and I got home from running errands today and she insisted on using the key to lock and unlock the door. She did pretty well (and played with it for 20 minutes) but every once in a while she would run into the kitchen and shout STUCK because the key was in upside down and then she couldn't get it back out.

Day #117

Maddy and I did some self-portraits tonight after bath. Big smiles for everyone!

Day #116
This is the Mr. Potato Head that we got after Maddy's surgery. Apparently it's Mr. P's 60th anniversary so a lot of the parts are birthday celebrated (party hat, etc.). She loves him!

Day #115
We got Japanese food for our anniversary dinner last night and Maddy loved it. Miso soup, edamame, tempura and gyoza. Mmmm tasty! 

Day #114
Ted and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary today (April 24). This picture was taken last weekend on a date night out. We're both looking forward to many more happy and healthy years together.

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