Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Maddy's 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Maddy's third birthday party at the Tacoma Children's Museum. We invited some of her friends from daycare and other family and friends. It was a great party. We had the party room at the museum for an hour and did snacks, birthday cupcakes, and presents. Then the whole group moved to the museum for playing. Everyone stayed and moved throughout the museum, sometimes playing all together, sometimes everyone on their own with their parents. The kid's had a blast and Maddy was SO excited to spend time with her friends throughout the day.

I'm so glad we did her party at the museum because it really cut down on some of the things that we're a little excessive when we did home parties the past two years (decorations and food especially). And this way I didn't have to come up with activities because the museum was the activity. Also, the staff at the museum helped with set-up and completely took care of clean up. They also helped us move all of the presents and leftovers to our car. It was so so so convenient and totally worth the cost. I would definitely do a party there again.

Fun in the party room! 

Playing in the Children's Museum!

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