Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Washington has a really big state fair every September and we were able to squeeze in a visit this year. We had gone before when Maddy was almost one but thought it would be more fun now that she is almost three. We had a great time overall. There was a seahawks game later in the day so all photos include hawks jerseys.

The highlight was visiting the animals. We saw pretty much every farm animal you could imagine. Maddy's favorite animal right now is a cow so that was a big focus of our visit. They even had a plastic cow that you could milk which she loved.

The low point was the rides. We knew there was a chance Maddy would be scared of the rides but we had talked to her about them ahead of time and even watched a few before buying any tickets to help her understand how it would work. She was VERY excited. She insisted on starting with an airplane ride that gently goes up and down in circles. I got her settled and we snapped a few photos. She smiled and wave each time she went by. THEN by the fourth lap she started screaming to get off. Well, being that 12-15 other kids were having the time of their lives and she wasn't in danger, the ride continued. She continued to scream to get her off and reach for Ted and I. After about 90 seconds the ride naturally ended and we "rescued" her. Needless to say she was having no more of rides. She did go down the big slide with Ted and even though she was cautious it worked well. I tried the carousel later but we only made it on the platform and near a horse before the crying began so off we went without riding. Oh well, there's always next year.

Add in funnel cakes, corn dogs and cotton candy and it was a success!

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  1. OH no! I would've thought she would have LOVED the rides - she's so brave. I have the same fear and didn't go to our town's carnival either.. but the carousel at the zoo was a huge hit... so maybe i'm under estimating miss cautious? Looks like the rest of the day was a blast!