Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Days #307-314

Well, well, well, I'm behind again. Sometimes I get behind because I don't take pictures, sometimes because I don't want to blog, and sometimes because living life makes it hard. It was definitely the third option this time. The past week was filled with gymnastics, live college football, writing on my dissertation, cleaning the house, driving to visit Great Grammie, having brunch with friends, celebrating Ted's birthday early, going to the park, having work friends over for dinner, and some relaxing (thank goodness). Here's a recap of the past 8 days!

Day #307
Maddy and I went to the park to work off some energy. Yay teeter totter!

Day #308
Maddy really likes helping and it's just easier to let her so here she is adding basil to our bruschetta for our dinner with NAPA folks.

Day #309

We have the tiniest yard but that doesn't mean we don't have to do yard tasks. Ted and Maddy had a blast raking and jumping in the leaves.

Day #310

Gymnastics take 2 was not as much of a success. Even though they got to use the trampoline and the bars, Maddy was really tired and a little grouchy and wasn't into it. We ended up only staying for about 2/3. Hopefully next week is better. 

Day #311

I bought Ted tickets to a UW football game so he could experience the new stadium. We had a great time even though we only stayed for the 1st half since it was cold and they were winning 31-7 (it got even worse after we left).

Day #312

Maddy stayed with Jenn and Paolo overnight while Ted and I did football and birthday celebrating in Seattle. Maddy had a blast with them, slept great, and will be begging to go back in no time! Auntie Jenn even took Maddy to the park.

Day #313

Our friend Paolo is in culinary school and works at a restaurant in Seattle called Revel. We went with Jenn to check out his Sunday brunch and it was amazing. Here's Maddy and I sharing food and using chopsticks. It was a great meal!

Day #314

Maddy and I have been trying to get down to Vancouver more, now that driving by ourselves has gotten easier. We took advantage of Veteran's Day off to take a day trip to visit Great Grammie. We got there in the morning, played, got take out for lunch and then headed back in the afternoon so Maddy could nap in the car. It was a great day!

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