Family Collage 2015

Family Collage 2015

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Days #282 - #292

Sorry for being so behind (especially sorry Jenn who's been bugging me for a week to post quicker). Things got really hectic during and after Maddy's birthday weekend and we've had a hard time getting back on track. Here's a recap of where things stand. Also, I'll post more pics from Maddy's birthday weekend soon (including cousin photo shoot, 2nd birthday party, and the trip to the zoo). 

Day #292
Maddy and I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes and she insisted on pushing the cart. It slowed us down a little but she had fun so it was worth it.  

Day #291
Mommy and Maddy smiles!

Day #290
We ordered Thai food the other day since the Seahawks had a special Thursday night game. Maddy devoured it!

Day #289
We've had some pretty nice fall days lately which means we even got to the park.

Day #288
 Maddy's decided it's fun to sit on Bailey's dog food tin in the pantry. Crazy kid!

Day #287
Grandpa brought us oysters from Oregon when he came up for the long weekend. We grilled some and Maddy LOVED them. We even called Grandpa to tell him how big of a fan she was. She literally ate 4 or 5.

Day #286
Ted and I took the day off for Maddy's actual birthday and went to the zoo and out to lunch. Maddy scarfed down a grilled cheese and fries and even stole some of mom's clam chowder. 

Day #285
During our trip to the zoo, Maddy and Ted posed in the shark mouth!

Day #284
Great Grammie bought Maddy this tunnel for her birthday. It's been a big hit!

Day #283
Oregon and Washington played football and we were all ready in our opposing clothing to cheer on our team. Of course the Ducks won :)

Day #282
Grammie's birthday is right before Maddy's so on the first night the family was all here, we celebrated Grammie's birthday!

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